Simple type casting in Javascript

This is my first blog for my very favorite language.

JavaScript is a very flexible language that would make to do many magical things. But the programming this language should be done careful since every browser is running in a single thread.

Type casting in JavaScript


We all know the string or date can be converted to number using parseInt/parseFloat. But we can also use the “+” operator to do the same.

var d = +"43" //43

var d = +"4.3" //4.3

var d = +"4e" //NaN

var d = +new Date() //returns date value in milliseconds.


ToString method can be used to convert any number, boolean or date to string value. But it can be more simple by using the concatenating a “” at the end.

var d = 4 + "" //"4"

var d = new Date() + "" //"Wed Jul 22 2015 15:40:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)"

String to Boolean

There is no simple way to cast from “true” string value to true boolean type. We have to do as follows.

var d = val == "true" ? true : val == "false" : false;